Questions to ask your wife – LISTEN well – TAKE notes – LIMIT responses:

1. What places in your life do you feel like you deserve some more “at a girl!” comments that you have not gotten (what is going unnoticed by me)?

2. What things do you need from me that you are not getting or not getting enough of? (what am I not doing)?

3. Your God given-role as the woman of the home calls you to be a helper to my ministry. I want to help you in your calling also. How can I assist you in your calling as a ______________ (fill in the blank)? (where am I needed)

4. How does it feel to be a “church planter’s wife?” What warnings did you hear before we planted the church that came true? And, what things did you not expect?” (stress of church planting)

5. As a pastor’s wife, you’re under a great deal of scrutiny. How is the scrutiny affecting you? (stress of being a pastor’s wife)

6. How are our kids doing? What do they need from me that I don’t see? (fatherly advice)

7. If you could do anything you want, what would you do? (identifying her lost dreams)

8. What (3) things can I do to make you say, “My husband, loves me more today than ever before?” (final goal setting)