Peer to Peer Coaching Cluster

Suggested template.

  • -Pick one question from each area for a coaching conversation
  • Shoot for at least one peer to peer conversation between gatherings
  • Share challenges, best practices, context, next steps, accountability to application, etc.
  • We will spend time in clusters at the next gathering both debriefing and processing the next session’s content.


  1. What part of the last Flywheel cohort was the most encouraging to you?
  2. What did God say to you in the process?
  3. What is your biggest question? Suggestion?
  4. Which exercise (Review M>K>H or Leveraging COA) have you engaged in this month?

How was it helpful?

Harvest: Matthew 9 – Principles from the Harvest.

1. Look back through the Matthew 9 exercise/Principles of the Harvest list. Which one or two from the list are most important to develop in you and in your people, in order to share Christ’s ability to SEE and be moved with COMPASSION for the harvest around you?

2. Talk more with each other about these coaching questions from our Harvest discussion and in prep for our Disciple discussion next month:

a. What % of your spiritual formation process happens ‘in’ the harvest?

b. What % of people in your spiritual formation process are still ‘in’ the harvest?

Review Movement, Kingdom, Harvest AND PREP for Disciple.

This month’s core exercise is vital to review and prep, as we make the transition from DNA to defining targets. Missionary DNA almost never works as an ADD ON later. We need to define targets OUT OF strong, biblical, missionary DNA. So, what are of DNA is most important to focus on with our people in the next 6 months? How will all three areas (Movement, Kingdom, Harvest) be helpful in defining or reviewing your definition of a disciple for your context?


This month’s “leveraging a COA” core exercise is vital to move you toward defining a COA and/or next steps to truly SEEING and ENGAGING the harvest in your COA.

1. Which of the four benefits (SEE, RELATE, EXAMPLE, MEASURE) would best motivate you right now to define a tangible place (COA) to take responsibility for lostness? Which would be most helpful to your people?

2. Who do you need to work with you from your team to define a COA and SEE the harvest better? Who do you need to help you from other churches in your area? Who do you need to help you that ‘kingdom friendly’ people in the harvest and care about your city?

Missionary Team: Building Missionary Team FROM the Harvest.

1. Last month’s Core Exercise on building missionary teams talks of two major areas:

a. Expectations are important to building a transformative, impactful, replicable culture.  How clear are the expectations for your core team, elders, leaders? Are there specific missionary behaviors you have defined, regularly pray for one another about, share stories of, and measure as a group? Share your thoughts about the challenge in the exercise.

b. ‘Events’, ‘Environments’, ‘Experiences’, ‘Equipping’. Very generic words, but how are you doing, both corporate domain and personal domain:

i. connecting with those ‘you don’t know’ (events)?

ii. developing relationship with ‘those you do know’ (environments)?

iii. inviting participation from those who may be part of ‘your plant team’ (experiences)

iv. teaching and challenging those who are ‘your lead team’? (equipping)

Looking at your personal calendar and your church/team calendar, how do each show up? What’s the fruit in the past year? What needs to change about the rhythm for each on your calendar?

Looking at your budget, both personal and corporate, how do each show up? What needs to change?

Looking at your team, how is it built and leveraged to do well with each of these groups/stages?