Suggested template.

– Pick one question from each area for a coaching conversation

– Shoot for at least one peer to peer conversation between gatherings

– Share challenges, best practices, context, next steps, accountability to

application, etc.

– We will spend time in clusters at the next gathering both debriefing and processing the next session’s content.


1. What part of Gathering Five was the most encouraging to you?

2. What did God say to you in the process?

3. What is your biggest question? Suggestion?

4. Which exercishave you engaged in this month? How was it helpful?

Big Picture

How do you define ‘church’?

1. What are your thoughts around how a movement oriented ‘church’ is defined in the shaded square?

How does this definition clarify strengths and weaknesses of your church?

2. How does how you have defined the disciple and how you’ve defined church fuel the otherReflect the other?

3. Are you asking the disciple to do things the church isn’t exampling or building ‘on ramps’ for?  Are you doing things as a church that you aren’t asking of the disciple?

4. Which of Dwight’s ‘four things’, in talking about a ‘movement’ oriented church, are the biggest challenge for you right now?

Evaluating ‘Church’


This month’s Core Exercise will help your team think through how your church is doing when thinking through the THREE CORE COMPONENTS and FOUR KEY OUTCOMES we discussed.

1. Share about thestrengths and weaknesses of your church for each of these with each other.

2. What are your struggles with the exercise? How has it helped?

3. What makes it hard to own all four outcomes? To sustain fruit in each? What next Steps could help?


  • The more we START a church that is engaging and measuring ALL FOUR outcomes, the more sustainable they will be.
  • The more we build a diverse, interdependent leadership team that has a passion to help own all four, the more sustainable they will be.
  • The more we define a clear target for the individual disciple that will fuel and help own (versus being dependent on leadership) these corporate outcomes, the more sustainable they will be?
  • The more we build culture around these four outcomes, find ways for them to overlap, and find partners in our city to help fuel and own them, the more sustainable they will be.