Peer to Peer Cluster Template: Disciple

Suggested template.

– Pick one question from each area for a coaching conversation

– Shoot for at least one peer to peer conversation between gatherings

– Share challenges, best practices, context, next steps, accountability to application, etc.

– We will spend time in clusters at the next gathering both debriefing and processing the next session’s content.


1. What part of this gathering was the most encouraging to you?

2. What did God say to you in the process?

3. What is your biggest question? Suggestion?

4. Which exercise have you engaged in this month? How was it helpful?

Big Picture: Define (Target); Measure (Handles); Replicate (Systems)

1. What area have you/your church, spent the most time on in regard to ‘disciple’?

2. What are you most in need of greater clarity, alignment, fruit?

3. What do you see as your biggest obstacles to getting that?

4. What challenges or encouragements jumped out at you?

Engaging the harvest to plant a church?

Making disciples from the Harvest?

Multiplying leaders from the Harvest?

Where you ‘set the bar’ for leaders of ‘small groups’ or ‘2s and 3s’? What you ‘pump through’ and want to accomplish from ‘small groups’ and ‘2s and 3s’?

Defining Disciple Exercise:

This month’s core exercise is vital to evaluating how you have defined disciple or putting a clear target on the wall for the first time.

1. Share how you have defined disciple with each other. Share how you help people to apply (handles) and live out that definition. Give each other feedback: clear, compelling, concise, contextual?

2. What are your struggles with the exercise? How has it helped?

3. Thinking of the 5 ‘tensions’ in defining a disciple from your material and how they relate to this exercise – which ones, if any, does your definition of disciple not ‘pass the text’ for?

4. Thinking of the 3 ‘lenses’ (Be, Do, See) in defining a disciple from your material and how they relate to this exercise – which one are you weakest on? How will you address all three somewhere in your system of spiritual formation?


  • How do we ask someone to live out something we have never defined and they have never experienced?
  • How does someone from the Harvest truly and clearly make a gospel commitment to something we have never defined and they haven’t begun to experience?
  • How is anyone able to own, initiate, and replicate their faith Monday-Friday, without you or your environments, short of a clear target and handles that help them to apply it?
  • How can you measure (utilizing tools such as a survey; or a group leaders listening to conversations; or . . .) what you haven’t made clear and given some ‘handles’ to that allow you to assess where you are and what you need to focus on?