Suggested template.

– Pick one question from each area for a coaching conversation

– Shoot for at least one peer to peer conversation between gatherings

– Share challenges, best practices, context, next steps, accountability to application, etc.

– We will spend time in clusters at the next gathering both debriefing and processing the next session’s content in more interactive ways.


1. What part of Gathering One was the most encouraging to you?

2. What did God say to you in the process?

3. What is your biggest question? Suggestion?

4. Which exercise (Team; US; ME) have you engaged in so far? How was it helpful?

Movement: What does God Want?

1. Which of the three points (>, =, +) (or coaching question with each) on page one is most important for your team? For the lost community around you? For creating culture around as ‘a’ church; as ‘the’ church in your city?

2. Whether you use the >, =, + list to communicate what God wants – or something else – how are you communicating ‘what God wants’ to your people? How are you training them to communicate it where they live, work, and play? Is it ‘back of a napkin’ clear Replicable? Compelling?

3. The coaching question with the second point is: “How are you communicating and building culture around missionary expectations early?” How are you doing? Do you have a clear target for a missionary disciple? Which do you communicate more expectations to support and engage your church (‘membership’) or expectations of their life as a missionary where they live, work, and play? Can you ‘flip over a napkin’ and clearly communicate expectations of a Jesus follower to an unbeliever?

4. The coaching question with the third point is: “Do you see as much potential for the Glory of God in the harvest, as you do within the four walls of the church?” How are you helping your people to truly SEE the harvest? God’s heart to see His Glory displayed there through every man, woman, and child?

5. “What 3 things would change the most in your ‘circle or community’, if God got what he wanted? Think practically? Which one might be a good place to start in order to ‘dig wells’ for the Gospel? Which one might ‘the church’ in your circle collaborate around?

Fuels for Missionary Movement:

1. Which coaching question in those 7 points are most important to your team? To you personally as a missionary leader? To your church as a whole? Discuss.

2. For church planting churches, regional leaders, denominational catalysts, etc. – how might these 7 characteristics of a missionary leader effect change on your assessment process of church planters? Pastors?

3. Which ‘quadrant’ – Transformation, Mobilization, Collaboration, or Multiplication are you challenged the most right now as a church? As a missionary in your neighborhood? As a team? Which are you celebrating the most fruit in right now?

Healthy, Biblical Missionary Leaders:

1. How challenging is this question: “Do we have the moral, missionary leadership capacity to lead a gospel movement in the US?” Thoughts? Next steps for yourself and your church in multiplying healthy, missionary leaders for your city?

2. What evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work do you see in your life and character?

3. What area in your life and character does the Holy Spirit need to change?

4. What steps do you need to take to address your life and character change?

5. How can you pray for one another until your next conversation or the next gathering?