How will you help your core (pant team, elders, re-mission team) think ‘MOVEMENT’?

Elder/Leadership Team/Core Team: What % of your time as a team is talking/praying about these?

What does God want? (help paint a picture with real truth, stories, data from where you are)

a.> Our Story: Part of bigger story? Kingdom reign? How display His Glory personal/corporate?

b.= A Missionary: Creating a culture of “every believer a missionary where they live, work, and play”?

c.+ Opportunity: What is the state of lostness in your neighborhood, city, state, and world? How doyou help leaders see it and engage it? What accountability is there in your culture?

Recent Stetzer blogs as a quick resource:

We must see God in all His glory and not reduce Him to our image or we end up on the wrong mission:

God’s Kingdom and glory is displayed through His people. He is ‘Sender’. We are all missionaries:

Being part of God’s bigger story and movement in the world requires dependence on His Spirit:

1) 3x – Will YOU pray by name for 3 people far from God but close to you? Can WE get to 3x?

a. How are YOU doing getting to 3x?

b. How can WE as a group help to build our relationships with 3x? (block party; outing; etc.)

c. How can this help you see yourself as a missionary/reconciler? How display God’s glory?

2) 3 Things that would change the most, if Gospel unhindered, in your neighborhood? Our city?

a. Spend time praying for one or more of those things as a core team. Split up team and pray about all 3 – (orphans, poverty, marriages, loneliness, generosity, addictions, racism, etc.)

b. Brainstorm to discover a ‘sweet spot’ – “Where could we serve and make a difference now?”

c. How can this help you see yourself as a missionary/reconciler? How display God’s glory?

3) 3% culture church planting partners?

a. How are missionary disciples, leaders, and churches reaching people/planting in the Northeast, Northwest, Atlantic coast, Canada? How can partnering there help us better reach ‘nones’ here?

b. Do we expect the lost to come to us? How do we fish in the pond of those who truly need God?

4) 3rd world global connection?

a. Where can we connect around the world; what indigenous leaders could we hear from as a guest here; what do we know about what God is doing in movements around the world?

b. What do we need to learn from them? What do we need to embrace to be part of a movement here? How can we spend more time as a group in ‘movement’ oriented ‘activities’.