Church Growth vs. Kingdom Growth

In the first book I ever wrote, Transformation, I made the statement that what’s good for my church numerically may not be best for the kingdom – but what’s good for the kingdom is always best for my church. The Kingdom is our context, our paradigm – our base of operations – not the other way around. We’ve confused that.

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Keys to Kingdom Church Planting

In Matthew 16, Jesus’ relationship with His disciples takes a dramatic turn. Until now, the disciples were expecting a front row seat as Jesus fully ushered in His Kingdom. And on the surface, that made a lot of sense. We have a King… check. We have a Kingdom… check. Let’s get this show on the road and restore the Kingdom, right?! Not exactly.

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We Should Shine Bright in the Darkness

When a church allows itself to become little more than a destination point, cluttering it up with lots of props and decorations, their window actually blocks people’s view of the glory of God rather than vividly displaying it. People may come and see a show, but they won’t see all that God is really doing (and is able to do) among those who call him King. They’ll only get a small part of the much bigger and much better picture.

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