Core Exercise – Building a Missionary Team From the Harvest

How will you help your core (plant team, elders, re-mission team) think ‘Missionary’?

Elder/Leadership Team/Core Team: Missionary Behaviors

What % of your conversations; bullet points on your meeting agendas; and, content of your vision casting has to do with your definition of disciple, especially missionary behaviors?

It is important to ‘define’ disciple in some form for your team (including missionary behaviors):

a. So that you can encourage/disciple one another.

b. So that individuals can own and initiate their own spiritual formation.

c. So that you can share some clear FUELS/FILTERS with believers who express interest in your team (but may need to wait to ‘visit’ your church when you launch versus ‘commit’ to be part of a missionary team right now and the expectations associated with it)

d. So that you set DNA by changing the conversation before you start and engaging people in disciple behaviors that will fuel systems/structures you establish later on.

SAMPLE (how much do you share about these things in elders; core; plant team meetings?)

a. What are you hearing from God right now? Where are you SOAPing in scripture right now?

b. Let’s start by breaking up in pairs and praying for one person we are pursuing that is far from God but close to us.

c. Have you and your family found a place you are passionate about serving in our city? Who might you invite (that is not connected to us) to go with you, when you go?

d. Where are you connected somewhere in the world? Who are you praying for there?

e. What do you think grieves God most about our city right now? What do you see Him doing in our city right now? How have you heard God using other believers, The Church, in our city?

Elders/Leadership Team/Core Team: Corporate Domain – Personal Domain

Intentionally gathering people:

We don’t know (Events). We do know (Environments). Plant Team (Experiences). Lead Plant Team (Equipping) (SEE FUNNEL in material)

BEFORE we talk strategies this next month for connecting to and gathering people in these different groups as a ‘church’ or ‘team’, IT IS important to be thinking in terms of how individual ‘missionary disciples’ or groups will do these on ‘their own’ as well. IF NOT – ‘their’ ministry will all be corporate dependent. MISSIONAL is the new ATTRACTIONAL!

SAMPLE (think personal domain as you plan corporate strategies!)

a. What ‘event’ are you/your group planning right now in your circle to connect with those you don’t know? Remember an ‘event’ can be incredibly organic and relational, but INTENTIONAL , in order to connect with more people we don’t know in our circle.

b. What follow up ‘environment’ will you communicate at the ‘event’ that will help everyone to get to know each other better? How will you spot ‘Kingdom friendly’, ‘good of the city’ people?

c. Where are you serving or what event are you doing in your cirlce that you could ask someone ‘you know’ that isn’t connected yet to help you? (‘experience’)